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Hi, I Am Anirban Das

Hey, there, welcome to the world of travel. I am Anirban, a solo traveller, better to say, a digital nomad. I travel from place to place while earning bucks. I wanted to find my Ikigai; I love meeting new people and exploring the unknown. I was born to be a traveller, and one thought that kept me disturbance was how will I able to survive without money; my emotions said get out of this shit boring life, you will figure out the rest, but my mind gave me a better idea be a DIGITAL NOMAD.I am meeting with new people, sharing cultures, and enjoying the way I wanted to enjoy my life, still meaning bucks. I still listen to my emotions as it gave me the courage to get out of the shit life. It was full of mom’s food, parents’ love, and brothers’ support, but I love uncertainties. I want to explore the way I am, using my theme, and I want to grow with them. I wish the older I get, the wiser I turn; I can help as many people as possible to find their Ikigai. I am a Bengali guy who started his journey by reading ‘The Mountains of the Moon’ I found my life in the journey of Shankar.I believe in a minimalistic life. I don’t want a big house, a shiny car, or anything others wish to. I don’t even want to solve others’ problems; I am here to live an ordinary life. I love playing Ukulele and chess; you can find me in front of your house if you stay in the mountains; when I am on my deathbed, I want to say, Anirban, you live a life, yes, it’s a life. Sleep peacefully, the last sleep. You can find me on YouTube, too.

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