How to Become a Digital Nomad in 2024

Close your eyes and think that you are in a mountain lap, working for hours without any distractions and no pressure. Don’t you believe It’s fascinating? Indeed it is.

Now my question is, if your thinking fascinates you, what will the will real-life experience you?

Welcome to alivewithad, your best source to change your Life into a digital nomad.

In this blog, I will tell you how you can be a digital nomad in 2024 without selling your soul.

The idea of working from any part of this world is not a dream anymore; it’s a reality; over 35 million people are living a life of digital nomads. You may call it a Western culture, as the USA is leading the numbers with 47% worldwide. Well, I don’t have any official data, but at least 7,00,000 people in India are working remotely and living a digital nomad life. (assuming 2% of the total digital nomads).

Did you know why remote work got the momentum? Yes, you got it right, COVID. It shows the path of remote work, and we are growing old with it.

It was a blessing in disguise.

Let’s understand the concepts step by step.

Digital Nomad

Digital nomad lifestyle

Digital Nomads are those people who work remotely. People who travel and work from any corner of this world live the best Life, a digital nomad lifestyle. Before we go further, I want to verify a common confusion.

Expats are not digital nomads.

Expats work outside of their native land, but they roam across the world for their work.

Now let’s talk about how you can be a digital nomad

Earn Skills

Robert Greene said that the future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.

Don’t earn a degree; it’s just a piece of paper (I am not against traditional education); instead, grab skills.

Your degree can give you a job; Your skills can feed you.

Basics skills that you should have

  • Writing
  • Excel, Word
  • Self-Discipline
  • Communication
  • Financial Management
  • Persuasion (I talked about it earlier in another blog, why it is necessary)


I never give my CV to anyone; I won’t lie; I made one CV 2 years ago to apply for a sports writer role. But I swear I will never give a CV to anyone, so you.

I don’t like CVs; they need your labour/time, not your background. So, build a portfolio.

A portfolio is a document where you can register your proof of work. You can show it to get what gig you want. Trust me, Your biggest asset is your portfolio.

So, Build a solid portfolio by working with so many people; it might be tiny or big, but build your portfolio; it always pays off.


Networking is net worth.

Networking is the best skill you should have had ten years ago, even valid today.

I always say to build relations, not just connections. They will forget you, but you will be in their minds when you make relations.

Go to platforms like LinkedIn and X (I don’t talk about Instagram, sorry, I hate it), find your tribe, write posts for them, chat with them on DMs, and build friendships. Clap for them and jump off a quick coffee break call. Focus on the value, and never try to sell anything. Reciprocity works differently.


If you always dream of having a big bungalow and cars, sorry, we can’t be friends. I would love to spend my Life in the mountains; whenever I travel, I always try to meet new people and mountains. This is my ‘true’ life story.

Learn to live with less. Don’t satisfy your inner bitch. You can live with less.

Buy costly shirts and shoes; I will buy them too, But don’t put yourself in the cage.

The simpler your lifestyle is, the healthier and more sustainable it is.


I am not the perfect person to teach you and advise you on budgeting, but I can tell you one thing: I never waste my money on something that doesn’t add value to me and my Life. I love to follow the money rule, the rule of 50:30:20.

Let’s assume you earned 50,000 rupees. Pay your bills and travel expenses with 25,000 rupees. Fifteen thousand for the shoe, shirt, or camera lens you want to buy, and the remaining 10,000 should go to your travel and health insurance. Secure yourself, secure your family.


I am someone who always loves to follow a system; you should do the same. A plan helps you to stay organized. Not to get lost in the vast ocean.

Build a system; it might be budget tracking, tour time tracking, or anything you do in your Life.


The most crucial point here is to give your focus, please. As a digital nomad, you always go too far from your house for an unknown period. So, always focus on your credit cards, passport, insurance cards/documents, and whatever you feel is essential. You can keep them as a soft copy, but I recommend keeping them as a hard copy.


When you choose a digital nomad life, you are bound to face issues at every step. Be ready to live with uncertainty and scarcity. It’s rewarding.

The more you live in comfort, the less you win in Life; get out of your comfort zone.

Remember, You are choosing your ‘hard.’ You are choosing uncertainty and discomfort over comfort. Life will challenge you; I know you love challenges.

What is your Ikigai?

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