9 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Varkala Solo Travel

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Close your eyes and imagine yourself in god’s own country; wait, what? Are you talking about Kerala? Yes, I am. Let me be more specific; again, close your eyes and imagine yourself on the best cliff beach in India; yes, you assumed it right. Today I am going to help you to know everything about Varkala. As a solo traveller, Varkala is your best destination if you love natural beauty, spiritual exploration, and wellness.

Solo travelling is like the quest for discovery, serenity, and growth. Solo travelling is totally different from group tours; here, you make your journey more complex, but the fun is all yours. Situated along Kerala’s spectacular coastline, this gem is like heaven for solo travellers to venture on an enriching voyage of self-discovery.

Are you ready to be astonished by these nine unbelievable things you never knew about Varkala solo travel?


Say no to goa

When you think about travelling alone in India, consider the busy beaches of Goa. But Varkala is a quieter and more special place. Varkala has some unique things that make it an excellent choice for solo travellers like you.

First, Varkala is peaceful and calm, unlike the crowded beaches in Goa. It has beautiful cliffs and clean beaches where you can relax and think. Varkala also lets you experience authentic local life. You can meet friendly people, eat local food in small cafes, and walk around the streets to see how people live.

The cliffs in Varkala are unique too. They are like a secret story of the Earth, and the government even protects them. It’s interesting to learn about the history of these cliffs.

Varkala = Ancient Secrets

If you believe in spirituality, trust me, it’s not less than heaven for you. Under the surface of Varkala’s incredible landscapes lies an empire of spirituality and ancient wisdom that attract solo travellers to discover its hidden treasures. While the town is celebrated for its scenic cliffs and inviting beaches, it also harbours a collection of ancient temples, with the Janardhanaswamy Temple standing as the doorkeeper of the past.

More than 2000 years old, this temple stands as a guardian of history, offering a profound connection to the roots of Indian culture and devotion. The air echoes with stories of generations who have sought consolation and civilization within its hallowed walls.

For solo travellers, the Janardhanaswamy Temple provides a unique opportunity for reflection and self-discovery. The peaceful ambience invites moments of quiet reflection as you sit amidst the ancient stones and contemplate the centuries that have passed.

Heal your soul

As I always say, solo travel is more about discovering yourself than anything else. The Varkala is the ideal location for this.

They have something called “Ayurvedic treatments” that might sound fancy, but it’s just about using special oils and herbs to make you feel super good. Imagine a gentle massage that removes all your stress and makes you feel like you are floating on a cloud. Yep, that’s what it’s like!

And guess what? Varkala doesn’t stop there. They also have yoga centres for easy stretches and breathing exercises. It’s like a new experience for your body and mind.

Beauty of Beach

It’s time to close your eyes once again and can you imagine the waves, feeling the water on your toes now open your eyes you are in front of the super cool beach, Papanasam. Tall cliffs surround the beach. It’s like a relaxing hug from nature. You can walk, find a quiet spot, and enjoy the view. It’s like a peaceful timeout where you can relax and feel happy.

Tall cliffs surround the beach. It’s like a relaxing hug from nature. You can walk, find a quiet spot, and enjoy the view. It’s like a peaceful timeout where you can relax and feel happy. Read More

Cliffs and Timeless Stories

Are you ready for a surprise in Varkala – these fantastic cliffs are called the Varkala Formation. They’re like big, old rocks that have been around for a long time. Scientists even say they’re super unique and have stories to tell!

Imagine standing on the edge of these cliffs and looking out at the sparkling Arabian Sea. It’s like you’re stepping back in time and hearing whispers from ancient days. These cliffs are like history books; you’re invited to read them.

Guess what? These cliffs are so crucial that people decided to protect them. They’re like a national treasure! Scientists call them a “geological monument,” which means they’re like a piece of nature-made art.

And you know what’s even cooler? These cliffs have little waterfalls and springs on the sides. It’s like a special surprise from nature, just waiting for you to discover.


Like everything I have a story to tell that’s why I am writing this blog, I have written something on Varanasi hope you will like it too.


If you love to meet new people and want to learn about their customs and cultures, then you are my kind and perfect reader.

Imagine walking on colourful streets with cafes and shops all around. It’s like a fun treasure hunt where you can find exciting things. You can talk to friendly locals, learn about their life, and even try saying some words in their language.

But the best part is the food! Varkala has unique dishes that you won’t find anywhere else. Imagine eating spicy curries and tasty snacks – it’s incredible! And the people in Varkala are so lovely; they’ll make you feel like you’re part of their family.

Wait, let me tell you something, what if they share their recipes with you? You could learn how to cook a yummy meal like they do. It’s like making new friends and learning their secrets in the kitchen.


Do you have a time machine? No? Okay, I hear you. I will step you back in time in Varkala! Did you know there’s a remarkable fort called Anjengo? It’s like a real-life castle with a lot of history hiding inside.

Can you imagine walking through the old walls? This fort has seen a lot of things – like when different countries tried to take control of it a long time ago. It’s like a treasure trove of stories from the past.

And guess what? There’s a cemetery inside the fort. It’s like a quiet place where people have been resting for a long time. You can see ancient gravestones that tell you about their lives. It’s like reading a book about the past in the fort.

But that’s not all! The fort is also near a beautiful lake called Muthalapuzhi Lake. Imagine seeing calm water and maybe even spotting some birds. It’s like a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle. So, are you opening your laptop to buy the tickets to travel for the Varkala tour?


I have never seen a lighthouse in my life, have you? Okay, let us dream of this together.

Imagine climbing up a tall tower that shines a bright light to show the way to ships in the sea. Isn’t it feeling like you’re on top of the world? You can see the sparkling sea and the land from up there. It’s like a magical view that you’ll never forget.

But guess what? This lighthouse is not just about the view. It’s also a piece of history. It helped ships stay safe a long time ago. It’s like a hero that protected sailors and their boats.

And you know what’s cool? You can visit this lighthouse and see how it works. It’s like a peek into the past and how people used to guide ships. You can even learn about the brave people caring for the lighthouse.

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You know the value of art, right? That’s why Varkala has a lot to offer you. Varkala has a special place where you can see fantastic art; It’s like a magical palace called the Kilimanoor Palace.

They’re like colourful stories on walls, made by a famous artist named Raja Ravi Varma. It’s like stepping into a world of imagination and creativity.

But that’s not all – the palace is like a piece of art. It’s built specially, with ponds, wells, and pretty gardens. It’s like a fairy tale coming to life!

And guess what? You can learn about Raja Ravi Varma and how he made these stunning paintings. It’s like discovering the secrets behind the art and the artist.


Have you ever heard of Ponnumthuruth Island? It’s like a hidden paradise near Varkala, waiting for you to explore.

The island is surrounded by calm blue waters, like a peaceful oasis. It’s a place where you can relax and forget about all your worries.

But wait, there’s more! This island has a 100-year-old temple called Shiva-Parvathi Temple. It’s like striding into a world of ancient traditions and spirituality. You can feel the peaceful vibes as you walk around and soak in the serenity.

And guess what? Ponnumthuruth Island is also a home for birds. You can see colourful birds flying around and spot some rare ones. If you are also a birdwatcher, it’s gold for you!

Anirban enough, You are done with the nine points now stop this and tell me how can I reach there! And which season is best?

Okay, okay. Let me share everything you want.

How to reach

Getting to Varkala for your solo adventure is easier than you think! If you’re travelling by train, the nearest railway station is just 3 kilometres from Varkala. You can hop off the train and start your journey of exploration.

The Trivandrum International Airport is the closest option if you come by air, about 57 kilometres from Varkala. Once you land, you’re just a short distance from venturing on your unforgettable solo trip.

Best Season to Visit

Winter is the ideal season for your solo adventure, from December to February. The weather is pleasant during this time, and the temperatures range from 12°C to 31°C.

Avoid visiting during the hot and humid summer from March to May, when temperatures can go as high as 40°C. Monsoon season starts in June and continues till September. While it brings lush greenery to the surroundings, it might not be the best time for outdoor exploration due to heavy rains.



Varkala is in the heart of Kerala’s stunning coastline. It’s the destination that has the power to transform your solo travel experience into an unforgettable journey of discovery. I have shared nine unknown facts about it as I want your solo journey to be mesmerizing.

Friends, it’s time to pack your bag and experience heaven in god’s country; you will thank me later. You can start your solo travel journey from Varkala if you are new. So are you ready for it?

Let me know what you are planning or thinking about Varkala; I would love to hear your thoughts.

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