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Let’s talk about Tinchuley, one of the heaven of solo travel in West Bengal. Situated at 5,800 ft. altitude, Tinchuley is a village in Darjeeling district. Do you know why I feel blessed to be born in West Bengal? Geographical features, Kolkata Biriyani and rich culture. The best part of Bengal is it has the most welcoming nature. Bengalis knows how to take care of their guest. Similarly, the mountains know it well.

I wonder if any people have yet to hear of Darjeeling. Even in Bengali, there is a poke DIPUDA (Digha, Puri, Darjeeling) for comfort zone travellers. Today I want to make sure that every people, including Bengalis, can relate to my story; yes, it’s more than a blog.

Brief overview

If you are thinking of the meaning of Tinchuley, let me help you; the purpose of Tinchuley is three ovens. Let me help you with the reason behind the name as well; such a name to the village has been given because of the three prominent hilltops surrounding the place, which look like ovens from afar.

If you love nature like me, trust me, you will be spellbound. Intersecting of Ranjeet and Teesta, the mountain landscapes, and the tea gardens are all just waiting for you to make you say wow. As solo travellers, we often find peace with scenic beauty simultaneously; that’s why Tinchuley awaits you.


Listen to it before proceeding

Consisting of only 20 families, Tinchuley became a tourism hub and a haven for solo travellers. World wide federation is also helping these families to develop a model organic village and promoting village tourism. The summers are cool and pleasant, while the winters are harsh and chilly. If you visit Tinchuley during July and September, you can witness heavy rainfall.

Must-Do Activities in Tinchuley

Nirmal’s Orange Orchards:

Take a delightful 8-kilometre drive to Nirmal’s Orange Orchards, a family-owned property. They offer a lovely orchard experience and a factory that produces fresh orange juice, marmalades, and pickles. Don’t forget to shop for these delicious goodies at reasonable prices. Read More

Tinchuley Monastery:

Explore the Tinchuley Monastery, a serene place where a Lama meditated for an astonishing 17 years. The monastery’s exterior is decorated with a line of prayer wheels, a mesmerizing sight.

Tea Garden Immersion:

Experience the charm of tea garden life by visiting one of the six tea gardens nearby. You can witness tea plucking, tour the factory to see tea processing, and gain insight into the tea-making process. Take advantage of the renowned Rungli Rungliot and Peshoke Tea Estate.

Tinchuley View Point:

Witness the magic of a radiant sunrise from the Tinchuley View Point. As dawn breaks, watch in awe as the snow-capped peaks of Kanchenjunga and other Himalayan giants come to life.

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Gumbadara Adventure:

Last but not least, Take a 20-minute forest walk leading to Gumbadara, a viewpoint that vows a spectacular panorama. From here, you can admire the beauty of the Rangeet River and catch a glimpse of Sikkim. The area is historically significant and offers an opportunity for rock climbing practice. You should not avoid the caves that add an adventurous twist to the experience.

Nature Trails and Village Exploration:

Wander through charming nature trails and enjoy treks and nearby villages. You can even explore attractions featured in the Takdah area, as Tinchuley is just a short 3-kilometre away from Takdah.


When thinking about travelling alone in India, consider the busy beaches of Goa.

How Solo Travelers Can Reach Tinchuley

I know, I Know; you are asking me, Anirban, stop these all and now say, How can I reach there? So let me help you with this as well. You can’t stop thinking of the beautiful place and want to book your stay.

By Train:

Tinchuley doesn’t have its own railway station, you can hop on a train that’ll take you to New Jalpaiguri (NJP), about 70 kilometres away. Trains from places like Kolkata, Cooch Behar, Asansol, and more connect to NJP. Once you reach NJP, you can hire a cab, rent a car, or take a local bus to reach the charming village of Tinchuley.

By Road:

Tinchuley is well connected to different parts of North Bengal and the state through NH10 and NH110. A few local buses will journey from Siliguri to Darjeeling or Kalimpong and stop at Tinchuley. Shared taxis are also available.

However, it’s good to know there’s no local transport. The most convenient way for solo travellers to reach Tinchuley is by booking a cab or renting an outstation car from Bagdogra Airport, Siliguri City, or NJP Station. This way, you can enjoy a leisurely drive to the village and enjoy the beautiful sights along the way.

By Flight:

If you’re arriving by air, the nearest airport to Tinchuley is Bagdogra Airport, which is around 77 kilometres away. Once you land, you can book an airport taxi or rent a local car to journey to Tinchuley. It’s a great way to begin your solo adventure, as you’ll be free to set your own pace and enjoy the scenery along the route.

I don’t want my blog to make a travel guide but It’s okay to make it helpful for you.



As solo travellers, we always want to find the best location as it is not only travel but also finding the unknown. I love offbeat places, and as you are a solo traveller, I assume you are also my kind. Whether it’s North Bengal or South India, I want to give you an incredible experience of that place with my words; remember, I have never visited any of the sites, I wrote about.

The more I write about these places, the more I crave to book the ticket, but my Laptop never wants me to go; jokes apart, please let me know if you want to make the trip to Tinchuley. You can add this trip to your next solo experience. Let me know if you want me to write about any other destination.

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