5 Reasons Dzukou Valley Solo Travel Is Irresistible in 2023

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Did you ever walk through the Dzukou lily? Perhaps not! That’s why you are reading the blog. If you love to face challenges in every step of your journey, then Dzukou Valley is for you. 

As a solo traveller, you should always find something challenging and beautiful. It’s the most attractive tourist destination in the North East.  

 Dzukou Valley

Where is Dzukou Valley located?

Located at 2450M, Dzukou Valley is spreading the charm between Manipur’s Senapati and Nagaland’s Kohima district. It offers a picturesque experience; don’t you love flora and fauna? You don’t want to miss the breathtaking experience. 

How to reach Dzukou Valley

It’s important to know and plan accordingly as a solo traveller. 

By Air 

The nearest airport you will find is Dinapur, 75 KM away. It connects with every other city in India. 

By Train

The nearest station is also Dinapur, 70-75 KM away. You can try some local transport after you reach the station. 

By Road

We love roads, don’t we? You can try these options.

  • Tezpur 321via NH 27
  • Nagaon  269 NH 27 and NH 715
  • Shillong 445 NH 27
  • Guwahati 386 NH 27

Try Google Maps, man. 

Is Dzukou Valley open now?

You can visit Dzukou Valley anytime, but still, there is a perfect time to visit. Let’s talk about this in the next point. Unlike electricity and mobile networks, you should visit it anytime as a solo traveller. 

Dzukou Valley Trek best time

If you want to know when you should visit Dzukou Valley, May to mid-June and September to October end is the perfect time. Now you need to decide whether you love the blue mountaintops and bright flowers or full of snow. 

Dzukou Valley trek difficulty

Who doesn’t love trekking when it is solo? Then it’s more fun and exhilarating, but wait! Before you finalize your plan, let me tell you that it is easier than Viswema and tougher than Jakhama.

Heads up

Maybe you are familiar with the trek of the Himalayan region treks, but people are not very aware of the Dzukou Valley trek. Let me tell you something:

  • You have to take 2-3 days to get the real fun of the place.
  • Try both trails; don’t look only for the easy one. 
  • Riverside camping has been banned due to littering, so ensure your stay. 
  • Find some clean drinking water sources.
  • Always start early, First come, first serve; if you come late, you might not get the stay. 
  • Carry high-quality sleeping bags and accessories. 
  • There is no mobile network, so try to reach the watch tower. 

Entry fee for Dzukou Valley

You have to pay 50RS to enter Dzukou Valley; this helps to maintain their economic upliftment.

Accommodation in Dzukou Valley

You need to check the top websites to find the best stay, which will be better with referrals. Even you can check physically to find better deals. Though If you are going to find accommodation physically, there might be some issues.

You can book online and later cancel if you find something cheap. You can get dorms starting from 50 RS and private rooms/tents from 150 RS. As a solo traveller, I always suggest you go for a cheaper one and face the challenge.

How many days are required for the Dzukou Valley Trek?

If you want to take the most out of your solo trip, you must stay around 3 days. You have to spend 5+5 a total of 10 hours to trek through the deep forest.

Dzukou Valley’s Weather

If you go from May to mid-June or September to October, you will get a temperature of around 17-20 degrees in the daytime and 5-8 in the nighttime. I always suggest using some weather tools. You will face massive rain in July and August, which will be very difficult. From December to March, it’s not as green as in summer.

Solo travellers safety

The first thing that comes to my mind when it’s a matter of security, it’s insurance. You can find the best travel insurance options after researching on Google. Make sure with your stay, food and transport. No one will be there for you; take the challenge and have fun.

Dzukou Valley

Let’s wrap up

Don’t you love the flora, fauna and scenic beauty? Who doesn’t? So, it’s time to pack your bags and start the journey. You are a solo traveller, so make the most of your journey. Journey through the forests and trail through the mountains. Remember, the destination is just a place, but the journey is fun. If you travel solo for the first time or do it regularly, you will spellbound by its beauty.

Throughout this blog, I have suggested how to make your journey the best; now it’s time to take action, pack your bags, book the flight or whatever you want, and Bon Voyage!

Don’t forget to comment on your experience once you are back; what is your favourite solo travel destination?

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